Dr Sharana Mahomed attends the US National Academy of Medicine’s Emerging Leaders Forum

5 May 2023

Dr Sharana Mahomed, CAPRISA Research Clinician and Site Principal Investigator of CAP 012C attended the 2023 National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Emerging Leaders Forum, an invitation-only event held in Washington, D.C., on April 18-19.

The NAM Emerging Leaders Forum gathers interdisciplinary professionals working in health care, biomedical science, population health, health policy and other related fields. The Forum also allows for collaboration between scholars and NAM members to identify innovative approaches to health care.

The program consisted of a selection of interactive breakout sessions that addressed health and human behaviour, intersection of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, retroviruses and infectious diseases, artificial intelligence, digital health and modelling, healthcare delivery to reduce disparities and the application of CRISPR in Human Diseases. NAM Members engaged in interactive plenary discussions on “moving scientific research into the policy realm, fostering career transitions from research to policy, and advice on how researchers can effectively engage with policy makers.”

Strategies for more effective communication while addressing polarizing issues in society and healthcare were also discussed. Mahomed said it was an honour to participate in the forum and foster collaborations and friendships with other emerging leader scholars.  “The opportunity to engage in open discussions with highly respected NAM members was a privilege, and I look forward to the continuous mentorship and engagement that the program provides.”