Sharana Mahomed invited to US National Academy of Medicine Emerging Leaders Forum in Washington, DC

6 March 2023

Dr Sharana Mahomed, CAPRISA Research clinician and principal investigator will participate in the 2023 National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Emerging Leaders Forum. It is an invitation-only event to connect emerging science leaders with NAM members from various fields of medicine.

The Forum is a key gathering of the Emerging Leaders in Health and Medicine Program (ELHM), ‘which aims to increase the NAM’s engagement with exceptional, interdisciplinary early- to mid-career professionals working in biomedical science, population health, health care, health policy, and related fields. 

The ELHM Forum provides a platform to identify novel approaches to shared challenges in health and medicine and spark transformative change across fields.’  “I am honoured to attend this forum that creates collaborative opportunities for emerging science leaders. African scientists are crucial for Africa’s advancement. However, the challenges faced such as lack of equipment and infrastructure remain barriers to success,” said Mahomed. “This Forum is an opportunity to share these challenges and to be a role model in promoting young African women in science.” The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) is one of three academies that make up the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in the United States.