Scientists hosted at the Gates Foundation Rising Stars session

8 December 2022

Dr Sharana Mahomed, CAPRISA Research Clinician and Dr Rubeshan Perumal, Senior Scientist were hosted at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations’ Global Health  Africa Teams “Rising Stars” session in Durban, on 16th November.

The format of the session was an engaging dinner at the Oyster Box hotel with a set of dynamic researchers who have shown excellence and high potential. The aim of the dinner was to help improve the Foundation’s intentionality around diversity and capacity building in the region. This was also an opportunity for CAPRISA scientists to share their interesting research and journey with the representatives. 

Dr. Thandeka Moyo-Gwete, Senior Medical Scientist in the Moore lab at NICD, was nominated to meet with members of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations’ Global Health and Africa Teams for a “Rising Stars” event which took place over dinner on 17 November at Ten Bompas Hotel in Johannesburg. The sessions were part of a 5-day countrywide event where the foundation met with individuals across the South African R&D ecosystem. It was an engaging dinner and opportunity to share Thandeka’s research and journey with the Gates Foundation. 


Photo: (L-R) Second Row, Dr Sharana Mahomed  third from the left; and fourth row, third from the left,  Dr Rubeshan Perumal