Dr Nonhlanhla Yende-Zuma invited to serve on the SAB of the Vaccine & Immunology Statistical Center

1 August 2022

Dr Nonhlanhla Yende-Zuma (PhD), CAPRISA’s Head of Statistics (left in the photo) has been invited to serve on the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of the Vaccine & Immunology Statistical Center (VISC), in the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division (VIDD), of The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center.

VISC partners with world-class research programs and immunological laboratories to tackle global public health initiatives in infectious diseases including tuberculosis, COVID-19, malaria, and HIV. Yende-Zuma said she was ‘honoured and privileged to be given an opportunity to work with brilliant Biostatisticians and Scientists.’ “In my role as a board member of VISC, I’m going to function as an ambassador to help connect VISC faculty to statistical research communities in Africa.”

Yende-Zuma served as the protocol Statistician for the Sisonke Phase 3B open label implementation study assessing the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine and has substantial expertise in the design and analyses of randomised controlled trials, developing research protocols, statistical analyses of observational studies, and statistical analyses plan (SAP) development. She is a statistical advisor for Lancet HIV and Lancet Global Health journals.