INSTI’S for enhanced TB-HIV Integration

30 March 2022

The CAPRISA 093 INSIGHT study to evaluate the antiviral efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetics of twice daily Biktarvy® in ART-naive adults with HIV/TB coinfection receiving Rifampicin based TB treatment is underway at the CAPRISA Springfield Research clinic. 

The study will provide evidence to introduce Biktarvy® as an alternative safe, effective and cost effective INSTI option to Africa in patients with HIV-associated TB. The study is led by Dr Anushka Naidoo CAPRISA Scientist and PI and Co-PI’s, Prof’s Kelly Dooley, Professor of Medicine at John Hopkins University & Kogieleum Naidoo, Head of HIV-TB Research at CAPRISA.  This ground-breaking study will provide the opportunity to determine the use of Biktarvy for people with HIV-TB co-infection in areas where the drug is not already licensed, including low and low middle income countries where lack of safety and efficacy information is a barrier to the drug’s introduction. 

The study may also pave the way for TAF roll-out, said Dr Anushka Naidoo, “a drug that has a better bone and renal safety profile than TDF, which has been hindered, in part, by lack of data in HIV-TB co-infected individuals.” Co-treatment of HIV and TB, although ideal due to significant morbidity and mortality benefits, “has its challenges, explained Naidoo. “This is mainly caused by drug-drug interactions with the rifamycin’s, higher pill burden and overlapping toxicities.”

Photo (L-R): Dr Anushka Naidoo (PI), Prof Kelly Dooley (Co-PI)