Great conversations at the intersection between science, society and policy

19 January 2022

Brought to you by the world's leading network for science advice and science diplomacy practitioners, INGSA Horizons is a podcast of challenging topics of interest to everyone. COVID pulled back the curtain on the importance of good science informing smart policy - join us as we explore this critical, but often invisible, space between.

Season 1 of INGSA Horizons brings you the best interviews from INGSA's Horizon Series as well as the fantastic content from the INGSA20201 conference in Montreal. INGSA released its new podcast, INGSA Horizons (, and the first 7 episodes are repurposing the best content from the conference to give people a new mode by which to engage with these discussions. INGSA Horizons is available on all the major podcasts apps – simply search for ‘INGSA Horizons’.