Scientist receives grant for HPV study

27 August 2016

The Poliomyelitis Research Foundation[PRF] grant was awarded to Dr Sinaye Ngcapu, a Scientist at the CAPRISA Mucosal Immunology Laboratory. He has been funded for a period of 3 years to conduct research on the role of vaginal microbiome dybiosis in persistence and clearance of human papillomavirus (HPV) infections in young South African women. This study will elaborate on the ongoing HPV work to support the hypothesis that more diverse vaginal microbiomes(including bacterial vaginosis, BV) with mixed pathogenic microorganisms such Gardnerella, Atopobium and Prevotella) are associated with persistence of HPV infections while a Lactobacilli dominated microbiome predicts clearance. Through collaboration with Dr Heather Jaspan at the University of Cape Town, he has established 16s next generation sequencing technology in CAPRISA. This grant will enable him to continue his microbiome work on HPV in CAPRISA.