Collaborating with colleagues in France

31 October 2017

Prof Salim and Quarraisha Abdool Karim, Dr Tanuja Gengiah Head of Pharmacy and Ms Natasha Samsunder Head of Laboratory were hosted by Prof Bruno Pozzetto at the University of Jean Monnet, St. Etienne, in France in October. The University of Jean Monnet is a collaborative European partner of the CAPRISA 018 trial.

Prof Salim Abdool Karim was invited to deliver a talk titled “The Global HIV Epidemic. Successes, challenges and prospects” at the University- Hospital of St. Etienne, Faculty of Medicine after a tour of Groupe d'Immunité des Muqueuses et
Agents Pathogènes (GIMAP) laboratories. The team joined Dr Marie-Claude Gagnieu at the Pharmacology and Toxicology laboratory at Hospices Civils de Lyon in Pierre Benite for an introductory meeting. Over the next two days, Dr Gengiah and Ms Samsunder held technical discussions with Dr Marie-Claude Gagnieu on antiretroviral
drug assays.

L-R: Dr Marie-Claude Gagnieu , Dr Tauuja Gengiah and Mrs Natasha Samsunder in the laboratory in Lyon, France