CAPRISA participates at the World Economic Forum for Africa

2 June 2017

CAPRISA Director Professor Salim and Associate Scientific Director Quarraisha Abdool Karim participated in sessions at the World Economic Forum(WEF) for Africa held from 3-5 May in Durban. Prof Salim Abdool Karim participated in the Leadership Council of the Coalition for African Research and Innovation (CARI) together with Dr Francis Collins Director of the National Institutes of Health and Dr Nicola Mulder from the University of Cape Town. This session focussed on strategic business models, governance, financial options and African-led networks to develop innovative research platforms and sustain research in Africa.

Professor Quarraisha Abdool Karim was a speaker in the session on Laying the Groundwork for Research and Innovation, which examined how government and business leaders foster viable pan-African research and innovation ecosystems. The panel, which included representatives from the African Academy of Sciences and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among others, explored scenarios on expanding funding mechanisms, building local capacity for R&D and prioritising intra-African science partnerships.

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