Science exchange fellowship for PhD

28 August 2016

PhD Student, Simone Richardson, was recently awarded a CAVD Science Exchange Fellowship that will enable her to spend time in Margie Ackerman’s laboratory at Dartmouth College in Hanover, US. The Ackerman laboratory has developed high throughput tools to evaluate the polyfunctionality of the antibody response with a particular interest in the role of the Fc region. Simone will study whether modifying the Fc region of CAP256-VRC26.25 changes its ability to mediate neutralization, ADCC, phagocytosis, complement deposition and trogocytosis using the genetic Fc variants of IgG3 identified in donor CAP256. This is Simon’s second fellowship. In 2014 she spent 3 months in the laboratory of Dr Galit. Simone is supervised by CAPRISA associate Prof Lynn Morris.