Endowment grant for neuropsychology study

26 August 2016

CAPRISA congratulates Adele Munsami, a study coordinator of the Advanced Clinical Care Programme (ACC) at CAPRISA, who received the 2016 Victor Nell-SACNA Endowment for the Study of Neuropsychology in South Africa.

The endowment is a one-time bi-annual grant aimed at providing financial assistance in support of post-graduate studies towards a qualification in psychology. Munsami a PhD student in Psychiatry, says her research will con-tribute to the area of neuropsychology in South Africa, a relatively new and challenging frontier in addressing the HIV pandemic in the country.

The Endowment will be used as seed funding to adapt and contextualise a cognitive reserve and health literacy uptake of psychometric tools that will be translated into isiZulu, and used in a South African setting. It will allow suitable neurocognitive tests to be contextualised and used in this setting as well as broaden the neuropsychological knowledge base within the context of HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Ms Adele Munsami