AMP HPTN study launched in Vulindlela

10 June 2016

The CAPRISA Vulindlela Clinical research site enrolled their first participant for the HPTN 081 AMP(Antibody Mediated Prevention) study on Friday 10th June. The screening of eligible participants is well under-way to reach the target of 103 participants over the next two years.

This is the first study to see if VRC01, the broadly neutralizing antibody used in this study, can prevent HIV infection in people. In laboratory tests, VRC01 was able to block HIV infection in about 90% of the different samples of HIV it was tested against. Participants will be given an infusion of the antibodies every 8 weeks explained Dr Halima Dawood, Study Investigator of Record.

CAPRISA Vulindlela Research Clinic.